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Dan Singer is the youngest child of three and grew up in a home with parents who loved their children and took them to mass faithfully.  They attended the local catholic school system, providing stability and security as the years passed.  


During his middle school years, he experienced a heart wound that would unknowingly impact his life and relationships going forward.  Around the age of 39, he was in an unhealthy marriage and was struggling with anger and lust issues, and looking to worldly things to cope with his pain.  Because of this unresolved heart wound, his life was moving in a direction he did not like as a man, husband or father.  Even though there was a foundation of religion, there was not a relationship with God.  


Dan’s life dramatically changed when he finally understood what Jesus had done on the cross for us, and that Jesus was asking for a relationship with the Father.  Because of the impact of this newfound relationship with Christ, and receiving clarity on his identity in Christ, he experienced the healing of those earlier wounds.  In that process of healing, he felt a strong desire to study God’s word and a passion to help others with finding their own identity in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s word.  Dan is experiencing the abundant life God promises in John 10:10.  


Dan has been working at Michigan State University since 1989.  He has held various positions with the Culinary Services and Divisional Human Resources Departments.  In dealing with issues in the human resources area, he has discovered that many people are hurting, and the bad behavior of most are due to the core wounds that individuals have, and that is the reason they act out.  


In 2007, while continuing to work at MSU, Dan received

confirmation that God wanted him to teach.  This passion

to learn and understand God’s Word has led him to learn,

grow and teach God’s word when he is able while working

at MSU and attending Trinity Church in Lansing, Michigan. 

Dan has recently made a dramatic life change in pursuing

this passion.  He is still employed at MSU on a part time

basis.  During those days he is not at MSU, he is on the

path of pursuing a certification in Biblical Studies through

Grand Canyon University, and having more time to be

involved greater with MCMD. 


Dan married his wife, Lisa, in 2006. 

They have four children, one of whom went to

be with Jesus in September 2013. 


In it all, God is good.

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