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Week Two -Robert Nix

Journaling Questions for Message #2 with Robert Nix


Before you begin journaling, we’d like to make an important point that should put you at ease. Although there are a lot of questions in the following material, the goal is NOT to answer every question! Rather, the ultimate goal is to HEAR what God is telling you through Robert’s message, then take steps of faithful OBEDIENCE in what God said to you. The questions below are designed merely to help you arrive at this ultimate goal. So, begin your journaling by asking God the Holy Spirit to stir and illuminate your heart and mind, then answer ONLY the questions He stirs within you that will help you hear and obey Him. You may want to read through all of the questions before you begin to write.



If your life was a building, how would you describe it? List at least 5 characteristics (good or bad) of your building.


In a practical sense, how  does the “foundation of grace” manifest in your daily life and ministry? 


Ask God the Holy Spirit to show you your struggles where you need His strength and stability. Be very specific about the trials, tribulations, temptations, conflicts with individuals, etc. that drain your strength and stability.

Other than the Holy Spirit, who journeys with you (on a weekly basis) that speaks to your God-given identity when you are facing the difficulties you listed above?

From memory (without looking at your Bible or other resources), list as many statements as you can about your true identity in Christ. 


From your list, which statements do you find hardest to live out of when difficulties arise? 



Your Relationship with God 

What movie, television show, or storybook character(s) would best resemble your desired relationship with Jesus?


Of all the verses that describe the relationship between a biblical character and Jesus/God, which one or two are your favorites? 


If you were to put a number on it, what percentage of your daily life with Jesus/God resembles the relationship(s) you just identified? 


Your Relationship with Others 

According to Robert Nix, “Grace is the sustaining power in ministry.” What does this sustaining power of grace do, or how does it show up, in your relationships?


We live in the realm of God’s grace and the realm of the Body of Christ. How have YOU been the recipient of God’s grace as it was administered by/through others? 


Based on what we know from Scripture, what does a Paul and Timothy relationship look like? (Think in terms of time, priorities, characteristics, etc.)


Do you have a Timothy in your life that you are training like Paul trained his Timothy?


Who is the Paul in your life, the man you allow to speak truth to you?


What do you think about Robert’s statement, “There should be NO dichotomy between our personal life and ministry life”?


How true is that statement for you?


Do you have dichotomies between your personal and ministry life? If so, what are they, and why are they there?  



How does your identity in Christ (as you are experiencing it currently) drive or enhance your ministry?

Be honest: Is your identity wrapped up in what you “do” (good or bad) versus “who Christ says you are”?

What stories of “results of Grace” in your life can you share for God’s Glory?


It’s been said, “The risks you take are the stories you tell.”  What risks have you taken for God in terms of honestly sharing your story with others?

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