Our dependence rests on the Holy Spirit that we may live prayerfully and intentionally with togetherness, spurring others on in the grace and knowledge of God and His scriptures, as we live a life of worship and extravagant love. 



To live a life of grace and truth while experiencing 

togetherness as we 

establish partnerships,

embrace friendships, and live in mutual community.



We thrive on challenging Christ-followers and leaders of ministries to cultivate a culture that encourages people to align themselves WITH Jesus’ passion, priorities and practices. 


We are driven by our passion to help others live a Jesus-like disciple making way of life.

We do this through the 3 C's: connecting, challenging, and coaching. 

If you desire authenticity, to love God and others, and to lead a healthy life then a Leadership Learning Community 'LLC' is right for you. 

You will learn firsthand that you can go farther together than you can ever go alone. You will experience mutual encouragement while learning how to share with others. This is a disciple making lifestyle in action.

Contact our coaches to begin an LLC in your community. Let's journey together.

Many leaders leave the ministry due to moral failure, spiritual burnout, or contention in their churches. Often pastors do not have close personal friends, and no one in whom to confide.What is the solution? Journeying together in high-trust friendships with dependence on the Holy Spirit. Each step requires humility, vulnerability, and trusting God. This is Jesus-like disciple making.  And we are committed to taking this journey with you.
Contact our coaches for encouragement.

Coaching aims to develop ones skills in a specific area through instruction and direction. We provide formal and informal ministry coaching. Our coaching conversations are facilitated in one of three ways: face-to- face, video chat, or telephone. You will be involved setting the agenda for each meeting.

Contact one of our coaches to schedule your first meeting.

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Our coaches each possess unique giftingContact us today to find which coach is the right fit for you as an individual or for your ministry.

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