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"My husband and I are so grateful for the part that Jen and Karl have played in our healthy marriage...Through our meetings with Karl and Jen we learned about what our wants were in our relationship...Overall, Karl and Jen have given us tools that we plan on utilizing for many years to come. We are so grateful for their time, for sharing all their wealth of knowledge, for their support of our relationship and love for us as individuals, brothers and sisters under God."

-Chris and Elisa, Newlyweds from NJ

"Thanks for the talk last night. It was one of the most real conversations that I’ve ever had."

-Supporter, Midwest

"My ministry partner and I had the privilege of meeting with Scott and Dennis for an afternoon of encouragement and instruction. Sometimes as a pastor you need to get away and refocus on the forest instead of the trees, and that's what Scott and Dennis were able to do. ...Both Scott and Dennis are excellent listeners and ask very probing questions. As we talked about the highs and lows of what's happening at our church and the things we'd like to see happen, they helped us get to the heart of the matter. When we needed encouragement, they gave it. When we needed insight, they had it. Being that our vision is making disciplemakers, the heartbeat of MCMD matched perfectly with ours and we walked away with a renewed passion and vision for making sure what we're doing in ministry aligns together. If you feel like you're spinning your wheels a bit in ministry and need someone to help you refocus on your mission and vision, MCMD can help."           -John Lowder, Lead Pastor in MI 

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