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Greg is a passionate leader and friend. He has led various ministries within the local church in his 25+ years of ministry. He has experience in church planting through the leading of large congregations. His method remains the same in all of this, “it is all about relationships”.


Greg holds a Bachelors of Arts in Youth Studies from William Tyndale College, a Bachelors of Arts in Theology from Arlington Baptist College, and a Masters degree in leadership and spirituality formation from Johnson University. 


His life and ministry career took a drastic turn in 2012 when he finally grasped and understood God’s living grace and not just His saving grace. "I had never been able to fully accept how much God could love me on my worst day as much as he did on my best day. I could see the value and worth in others but because of my own woundedness and secrets could not see it for my own life.” He has a strong desire to help leaders live healthy and lead well. This is his primary message to all he meets. 


Greg joined MCMD in September 2017 where his primary focus is to walk alongside leaders and pastors being that safe place to land and a fierce friend to be with. 


Greg has been married to his wife Amy since 1995. They live in Webberville, MI with their sons Zachary, Collin and 2 dogs.

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